Welcome to the allergical description of todays 54 Common Wealth Maces of Parliment and the possibilities of the other 196 countries recognizing a maces authority. With the purposes of the U.N. having such a symbol to protect all laws including those that will give protection against oppressors on the people and to the hopeless that thinks there is no hope.



Let us imagined the power of the mace that represents good faith and intergrity to pass along to the rest of the World and like a flame going forth reaching the U.N.

What is a true example of a likness feeling of this understanding?

Let's think of a metephorical likeness of the Giver of Life returning for the Fruits of His Word just like when the precious gift of His Son was given so long ago in confidence and in faith with no fear and like Matthew 13:44's-

The Parable of the Treasure Hidden in a Field.

being found.


The mace can also represent portions of the same good faith , assurance and unknowingly hopeful new beginnings

its kinda like the opposite of the song say say say by Michael Jackson and Paul Mccartney

the power of mace is a genuine light that no one is above the law and has to fear.It stands against wrong standards.

All maces represents an authority as a symbol.With the good faith thought of it to could get to the United Nations,this symbol could be called also a scepture and not just a mace.

This is a page is dedicated to my wife who encouraged me to this great truth .Thank You Tamara Love You :)